Unfortunately, we are not yet able to give an accurate estimate of the pricing for the single tickets of the activities. This is due to the current inflation and price hikes.

The table on the right shows the estimates we have for the pricing of the tickets. Note that no rights can be derived from this table: it is purely there to indicate an estimate.

No rights can be derived from this table. The price in the ticket shop is the definitive price for the activity. Table last updated: January 13, 2023.

Alumni Nightt.b.a.
Tilburg Dayt.b.a.
Cantus VorteXXLt.b.a.
Chill Dayt.b.a.
Active Dayt.b.a.

Passe Partout

The sale of the Passe Partouts for the Lustrum has closed. If you have any questions about your Passe Partout, please reach out to us through or send us a DM on our Instagram.