Pricing & Payments

Payment for Single Tickets

The payment for Single Tickets will be made immediately through our ticket shop (accepts iDeal, PayPal, and creditcards).

How expensive will the tickets for the activities be?

Due to the current inflation and price hikes, we are not able to give an accurate answer to this question. The prices for Single Tickets will be definitive when they appear in the Ticketshop. We will give (updated) estimates on the pricing of Single Tickets on the Tickets information page.


What happens when an activity is cancelled?

Refunds for purchased tickets will only be granted if the activity is canceled by the organization. For more information, please refers to the Terms & Conditions. This does not apply to the Passe Partout-holders.

What happens when I am unable to attend an activity?

If you are not able to attend an activity due to personal circumstances (e.g., illness), please let us know at A refund will only be granted when someone else from the waitlist for separate tickets for that activity is able to take your place.

This does not apply to Passe Partout-holders.