This year we want your input for the Lustrum Almanac! Please toggle the items below to fill out the forms of your choosing. You can also participate in our Silent auction and win the opportunity to fill two pages in the next Almanac.

The Roast of Flow

Time to speak your mind! We’re asking everyone within our association to (anonymously) roast our beloved association. The funniest roasts will be included in this Lustrum’s Almanac!

    Flow in numbers

    We want to hear from you! All questions below are optional (except for your name and first year of study). Choose whichever you’d like to fill out.

      What is your first name?*

      What was your first year of study?*

      What city do you live in?

      What was the most memorable Flow Activity?

      What was the best Study Trip destination?

      What is your relationship status?

      What is the best place to go out in Tilburg?

      Who is the ad fundum Queen?

      Who is the ad fundum King?

      What is Flow's best piece of merchandise ever?

      And what merchandise should be skipped?

      What quote always stuck with you?

      What is your funniest Flow story?

      Friend groups

      Would you like to be featured in the Almanac together with your friend group? This is your chance! Fill out the form below to request a featuring. Note: we have limited space, so you will see whether you’re featured or not in the final Almanac.

        What is your first name?

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        What is your e-mail adress?

        What is the name of your friend group?

        How many people are there in your friend group?

        What are all names of the people in your friend group?

        Do you have a picture of your friend group?