During this academic year, we will celebrate the fourth Lustrum of Study Association Flow. From 11/05/2023 through 30/05/2023, we will host 11 activities to celebrate the twentieth birthday of the association.


Our theme refers to the different studies that are represented in Study Association Flow: Communication and Information Sciences, Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science and Society.

Even though every study is different in their own way, all students find themselves in our association as though they are pulled together through a vortex. In the logo, each study is represented by a sweep of the vortex.


We will sell several types of tickets. You can buy a Passe Partout which grants you access to all activities of the Lustrum at a discount.* Separate tickets will be made available later.

Some activities are also open to non-members of Study Association Flow. Go to the calendar for more information.

* Excluding the Alumni Night if you are not an alumnus or alumna.